Logbook - Escursioni in Barca Napoli - Madame Medusa

The Castle of Baia and snorkeling

The Castle of Baia, the Aragonese masterpiece that overlooks the Gulf of Pozzuoli for millennia. See it appear on the horizon by browsing the gulf to edge of Madame Medusa, elegantly laid on the brink of the funds of the Bay, makes appear immediately in the eyes of the spectator the history of this corner […]

The mussels from Capo Miseno

With the travel, the traveler is known, the perception of the senses, against new and exciting discoveries to be amazed. Some have to do with the See, others with the smell. But this time we are talking about the taste, and which country can offer more than the phlegraische fields for the palate? The Phlegraische […]